How to Make a Rope Ladder

image of a rope ladder

Rope ladders for the Playground, a treehouse, a den and more;

For the longest time as a child, I had a dream to acquire a typical rope ladder of the type that may be found on a ship. I wanted it for our garden so I could have my friends over and we could pretend we were doing army training in the jungle. I intended to sling it over some higher branches and then go climbing whenever in the mood to get away from mom and dad for a while.

So when I think of a Rope Ladder, this is the sort I mean for the garden. A kids Rope Ladder with wooden Rungs ideal for a Climbing Frame, a Tree House, Dens or Play House. Of course, a ship’s ladder would be longer, thicker and far heavier than this example. Although Amazon does have quite a range of ladders though if you did require one for your ship, then I’m guessing that Amazon is not the best source.

As a somewhat older “child” (when I was in my 40’s), I decided to properly research the possibility of having a rope ladder made for my house, so I want to a Shipping Chandler with the idea of commissioning them to make me one ladder. The cost was in a different league, so rather than recreate one, I decided to buy one ready-made.

Needless to say, I have did get my bespoke ladder, but have found other options which I now intend to display here on this site.

Click this link to take you to Amazon to have a look at some of their range of rope ladders, safety ladders and other ladder -related products.


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