What are the features of the Best Fire Escape Ladder?

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The purpose of a fire escape ladder is to provide a safe way to exit the upper floor of a building in an emergency. So it obviously needs to be strong enough and rated to handle a minimum weight. I believe it should also be suitable to be used by more than one person and the products we are reviewing in due course, will all be able to do that. In addition, there are a few other features that may be important in making your decision about which is the best fire escape ladder.


Depending on the story from which the ladder will be hung and the house’s construction, the best fire escape ladder is one of suitable length. The standard size of a fire escape ladder is either 15 feet or 25 feet. Houses with higher windows must choose the proper length to ensure the users’ safety in an emergency.

Load Capacity of Ladder

Every second is critical in a fire accident, so the best fire escape ladder is one that serves multiple people at a time and is supportive for all body weights. As a thumb rule, a fire escape ladder should bear at least 250 pounds per rung, and overall, the capacity should be touching 1000 pounds.

Ladder Standoffs

The best fire escape ladders includes small projections on each rung known as ladder standoffs. This feature ensures that the ladder is steady during use and it stays away from the wall of the property as otherwise the ladder would likely hang flat against the wall making it difficult to climb up or down.

Ladder Manufacturing Materials

Always look for fire escape ladders built with heat-resistant materials. Ladders with nylon ropes are more tensile and beneficial, although after they encounter higher temperatures for an extended period, they might melt. The best fire escape ladders include anti- slip rungs to provide better purchase whatever footwear is being used.

Reusable & Easy To Use & Store:

A good choice of fire escape ladder could be one that is more convenient to unroll, comes with a compact box or storage bag if unmounted to the window permanently, and is reusable. This combination is essential to save every fraction of the second when encountering fire in the homes.


It’s always best to have a little more confidence in the product so it may be practical to opt for the ladders that have certification by a third party. Fire escape ladders with UL certification are more reliable, efficient and long-lasting.

How much is a Domestic Fire Escape Ladder

Generally, the fire escape ladders are not very expensive; and are a small price to pay for the added safety benefit at each bedroom or landing window. The price varies between $30 to $80, depending on the ladder’s brand, size, and features.

Life is a precious gift, and to spending under $100 is small comfort, for an accessory that is designed to provide a safe exit in the unfortunate event of a fire accident.

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